Types of Printed Circuit Boards

//Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are integral parts of all electronic devices, ranging from simple digital wrist watches and handheld games, to highly complicated satellite systems. PCB are manufactured in several ways to meet the unique requirements of varied industries. They can be fabricated in single sided, double sided, and multi-layered configurations as per the demands.

If you are a first time customer, it is important that you must have a clear understanding on the basic types of PCB.

PCB Classification

The following listed are the three basic types of PCB used for several industrial, commercial, and domestic applications.


  • Single-Sided – This is the simplest and the most commonly used type of PCB. As the name suggests, these PCB are designed with single substrate. The design of these PCB is such that all copper traces are etched on one side, and the electrical components on the other side of the board. Compared to other types, these PCB are easier to design and fabricate. They are commonly used in calculators, printers, and sensor products, among others.
  • Double-Sided – These types of PCB are constructed by mounting electronic components and copper traces on both sides of the substrate. Demands for double sided PCB are on the rise with increasing complexity and density of products. Common applications include control relays, converters, power supplies, power monitoring, and traffic systems.
  • Multi-Layered – These types of PCB are characterized by several substrate layers. Each layer is separated from the other by an insulating material. Depending on the complexity of the application, these PCB can be designed with 4, 6, 8, or 10 layers. The layers can even be increased up to 42. Multi-layer PCB are chosen for extremely complicated electronic circuits like central fire alarm systems, fiber optic receptors, nuclear detection systems, and space probe equipment.


Having a comprehensive understanding of the basic types of PCB will help you choose the right board for your applications. You can speak to the manufacturer and gain more information pertaining to the pros and cons of each type. Also, you can let your manufacturer know about your requirements; he can suggest the right PCB type that best suits your applications.

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