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Rigid-Flex PCB

1. Use 1/3 CMOS sensor, support analog hd video 700TVL
2. High speed, long distance, real time transmission
3. High performance noise reduction algorithm is adopted to improve low illumination performance
4. Mirror/ Normal image switch, distance label selectable to be open or closed

1/3 CMOS third brake light camera

Original design third brake light camera for Volkswagen VW transporter T5 T6 2015 to present for wholesale from China manufacturer, adopt 700TVL high resolution CMOS sensor, the 1.7mm lens enable 150° super wide viewing angle and effectively eliminate rear view blind spots, completely weatherproof with a IP69K rating, the complete package comes with all the wires, connectors and mounts you will need to improve driving  safety without changing the Volkswagen transporter original look.

  • 4L Rigid flex printed circuit board

    Rigid flex PCB circuit are a hybrid construction flex circuit consisting of rigid and flexible substrates which are laminated together into a single structure. Each layer of rigid-flex circuit are electrically interconnected by plated through holes (PTH), which is different from a flexible circuit with FR4/PI stiffener on top or bottom of flex circuit only by the means of preventive or thermal sensitive adhesive only, no PTH.

    Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

    Rigid-flex board enjoy the advantage of both rigid FR4 PCB and flexible circuits. In rigid area, components will be soldered on, and whole board can be bendable at the flexible circuit area, so that to save space of assembly, make whole product into a small size but with tight trace designing.

    Also people don’t need to solder the FPC on PCB, or connect FPC on PCB via connector, furthermore, that plated through hole interconnection is more stable, firm than soldering or connector. So more and more rigid flex board circuit has been widely used in both military and civil area.

    Double layers PCB is a pat

    ● Communications ● Industrial
    ● Consumer Electronics ● Aerospace
    ● Automotive ● Military
    ● Medical ● Transportation

    Rigid-flex PCB ( printed circuit board ) – General specification

    1. Single-sided flexible circuit board2Layers flex rigid printed circuit board

    2. Double-sided flexible PCB

    Type: 2L Rigid-Flex Printed circuit board
    Laminate: FR4 + Kapton
    Board thickness: 1.6mm (0.062-inch)
    Copper thickness: 35um (1oz) copper for all layers after finish
    Solder resist: Black color
    Finish: Immersion gold
    Trace width/width: 0.13/0.13mm
    For mobile

    3. 6 layers Rigid-flex PCB

    6Layer Rigid-flex PCB 6L rigid flex pcb manufacturer
    PN: 418162
    FR4 Tg170+PI material
    Finish thickness: 1.0±0.1mm
    Copper thickness: 1/1/1/1/1/1 Oz
    Minimum width/spacing: 0.25/0.26mm
    Minimum via diameter: 1.0mm
    Surface finish: Immersion gold
    Unit size: 16*51.73mm
    Panel size:143.73*106mm
    Controlled Impedance: 50±10%
    Specialty: L3-4 (flexible board), L1-2,L5-6 (rigid board)
    Solder mask: Green
    Legend: White

    4. 10 layers flex-rigid printed circuit board10Layers Rigid flex PCB factory

    Layers: 10 layers Rigid-flex PCB
    Material: FR4 + PI
    Thickness: 1.6mm+/-10%
    Surface treatment: immersion gold
    Panel size: 108*115mm
    Specialty: L5-6 (flexible board), L1-4,L7-10 (rigid board)
    Solder mask: Green
    Legend: White
    Vacuum packing ways are available
    Comes with RoHS Directive-compliant

    5. 6 layers flex-rigid printed circuit board

    Layers: 6 layers Rigid-flex Pinted circuit board with Countersunk holes
    Material: FR4 TG170 + PI
    Thickness: 3.00mm+/-10%
    Surface treatment: immersion gold
    Panel size: 293*58mm
    Specialty: L3-4 (flexible board), L1-2,L5-6 (rigid board)
    Solder mask: Green + Coverlay
    Legend: White
    Countersunk holes on rigid parts

    6. FR4 2 Layer flex-rigid PCB board with ENIG

    Layers: 2 layers 1Rigid-1flex design
    Material: FR4 TG170 + PI
    Thickness: Rigid 1.60mm Flex 0.30mm suitable for ZIF connector
    Surface treatment: immersion gold
    Unit size: 33*22.5mm
    Solder mask: Green + Coverlay
    Legend: White

    7. 4 layers Flex-Rigid Printed Circuit Board

    Layers:  1Rigid + 2flex + 1Rigid design
    Material: 370HR + Dupont AP8515R
    Thickness: Rigid 1.00mm Flex 0.13mm with stiffener
    Surface treatment: immersion gold
    Unit size: 40*100mm
    Solder mask: Green + Coverlay
    Legend: White

    7. High quality Rigid-flex PCB supplier in shenzhen

    Layers:  2Rigid + 2flex + 2Rigid design
    Material: FR4 middle TG + Dupont AP8515R
    Thickness: Rigid 0.80mm Flex 0.20mm with stiffener
    Surface treatment: immersion gold
    Apply for surveillance producation
    Solder mask: Green + Coverlay
    Legend: White

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